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Over 20 Years Experience
Residential & Commercial Design
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The firm behind some of the most prestigious home designs in Sydney

At Sorensen Design, we’ve transformed homes and businesses throughout Sydney since 2002. Over the past 20 years, our talent for custom home designs in Sydney has seen our business expand from our origins in the beautiful Port Stephens, Newcastle and the Central Coast to the sprawling cityscape of Sydney. We also specialise in renovations and building design in the ever-growing, ever-bustling city.

Our team will take on building and design projects of all shapes and sizes — from small deck extensions to drafting designs for the largest, most prestigious homes and businesses in Sydney, Sorensen Design will approach the project with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

We're committed to bringing your vision to life, aligning our efforts to meet your business objectives and craft a space that resonates with your ambitions.

Our dedicated team will navigate through the concept design phase and pre-development stages, ensuring a smooth transition from initial ideas to actionable plans. We focus on creating a workplace that reflects your core values and supports your team's workflow, integrating your desires with innovative design solutions tailored to your organisational culture.

Experience the advantage of partnering with us for your next workplace development project, where your aspirations become the foundation of our design strategy, leading to a space that embodies improvement, innovation, and the future direction of your business.

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The benefits of choosing Sorensen’s building designers in Sydney

Sorensen Design is an award-winning team of home and building design specialists. Our firm came from humble beginnings — Sorensen Design & Planning Pty Ltd was established in a spare bedroom in Newcastle NSW. However, thanks to our creativity, commitment and professionalism, our business has expanded into Port Stephens, the Central Coast, the Hunter Region, Maitland and Sydney.

We give each project the utmost care and attention. This all starts with an on-site inspection — before drawing up draft designs for your plans, we will complete an in-depth analysis of the site and surrounding environmental factors to ensure we can deliver a beautiful, functional and affordable design.

Transparency and realism are our guiding principles when discussing project feasibility and budget constraints. We provide strategic advice to achieve high-quality outcomes without compromising the development's future potential or the essence of your vision.

In collaboration with your team, we aim to shape a space that meets and exceeds relevant council requirements, fostering an environment of open communication and mutual respect throughout the process.

Discover the benefits of choosing Sorensen Design for your brand-new commercial building design in Sydney.


Innovators in Sydney home designs, renovations and more

Planning a new home build or a renovation project is a life-changing experience. It’s exciting and stressful all at once, so we believe the process should never be rushed. Our team will approach the project with care and consideration, giving you the time, commitment and attention you need to feel confident with the end result.

Sorensen Design are leaders when it comes to custom home designs in Sydney. Over the years, we have received several awards for our innovative Sydney home designs:

  • BDA 2008 Commendation Award (Residential Alterations & Additions over $200,000)

  • BDA 2009 Commendation Award (Residential Alterations & Additions over $200,000 / Residential Interiors)

  • BDA 2010 Commendation Award (Residential interiors / Bathrooms)

  • The 2010 and 2011 HIA Award winner for Residential Building Designer of the Year

  • The 2011 ABODE House of the Year Awards

  • BDA 2011 Design Awards Winner (Bathrooms / Kitchens)

  • BDA 2013 Commendation Awards (New Single Residential Buildings up to $2000m2)

  • BDA 2015 Design Award Winner (Dual Occupancy)

  • BDAA 2019 National Design Award Winner (New residential buildings over 450m2 and under $2,500/m2)

  • BDAA 2021 National Design Award Finalist (New residential buildings over $500,000 up to $750,000)

  • BDAA 2022 National Design Award Finalist (New residential buildings over $500,000 up to $750,000)

  • 2022 HIA Award Finalist – Residential Design

  • 2022 HIA Award Finalist – Residential Interior Design

  • 2022 HIA Hunter Residential Design Winner

From new home builds to renovations and extensions, we offer a full building design process from planning to design, council approval and construction. Our team will deliver the home you’ve been dreaming of at an affordable price — plus, we’ll make the entire building process flexible, simple and stress-free.

For new home designs in Sydney, contact the team from Sorensen Design. We will consider your budget, requirements and unique sense of style to deliver a house you’ll love to call home.

The Sydney town planning specialist you can trust

Alongside our award-winning Sydney home designs and renovation projects, we provide town planning services for the City of Sydney Council and surrounding LGAs. From town centres to commercial complexes, residential spaces and recreation areas, we take a sustainable and holistic approach to our Sydney town planning projects.

We take on the challenges of population growth and the growing need for infrastructure with an open mind. We have an ethical, environmentally friendly approach to all our projects and consider both suburban and natural environments.

Whether you’re looking for Sydney extensions, a fresh home design or an urban planning team you can trust, contact the team from Sorensen Design. We’re committed to achieving the best possible result for your project.

Why choose Sorensen Design?

Sorensen Design & Planning is a national award-winning team of building designers and town planning specialists. We are a multidisciplinary firm — we take care of all council approvals and communicate with other consultants like structural engineers, building certifiers and energy efficiency experts to ensure you have a simple and stress-free building experience.

We take your wants and desires and create beautiful custom home designs in Sydney. With more than two decades of experience and a keen eye for style and detail, you can trust we will provide outstanding service — every time.

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What clients are saying about our building designers in Sydney

“I would highly recommend the team at Sorensen Design. Adrian and Scott were sensitive to the heritage requirements of this property and were a pleasure to work with. The brief was far from straightforward, but their professionalism, expertise and hard work ensured it ran smoothly. We couldn't be happier with their design for the original building as well as the contrasting modern addition. Thank you!”

Jane W.

“I have used Sorensen Design for multiple projects in the Port Stephens area. From the inception of a project through to completion, Sorensen provides an incredible service. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable and ultra-professional. Thank you to Adrian, Madison, Scott and Mark for ensuring my projects become a reality.”

Daniel C.

FAQs about building design in Sydney

It all starts with a phone consultation with our building design team members. After submitting a quote or contact request online, our team will be in touch to discuss the finer details — your budget, your design aspirations, the type of building/services required, the location of the project, and so on.

From here, we will organise a site inspection to analyse the slope of the block, the soil, the width and length of the block, and any environmental factors or challenges that may hinder the project. This will allow us to determine what is achievable based on the block and your budget.

If you would like us to complete a renovation or extension, we will also examine the structural integrity and the history of the existing building. We offer the utmost respect for heritage-listed buildings in Sydney, and we will endeavour to preserve the historical and cultural value of the property.

Once the site inspection has been completed, we will provide a realistic quote for your consideration and we can start drawing up the designs. We will take care of council approvals on your behalf and communicate with consultants like building certifiers and council representatives. You can sit back and relax as your project comes to life.

Absolutely. We’re proud of the residential and commercial projects that we’ve completed in Sydney, which is why we share our completed projects online. From new dwellings to commercial and industrial projects, additions and alterations, we’ve completed hundreds of projects throughout Sydney.

Before we seek council approval and begin the building process, we will create a 3D render of the proposed design. We will present this to you in person and provide a copy for your consideration. From here, we will adjust the design based on your feedback.

We will never start building without your approval.

We use licensed copies of Archicad software to produce high-resolution 3D images of the proposed project. You will be impressed with the level of detail in our draft designs.

It depends on the scale, complexity and type of project at hand. No two projects are ever the same, but we will be able to provide a timeframe after we have completed a site inspection, completed the draft designs and booked various consultants and contractors to complete the build. Throughout the process, we will keep your schedule and budget in mind.

Concerning new house designs in Sydney, it’s not uncommon to venture over your price range, which is why communication is key in planning and design. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your design requirements, what “the dream” is and what kind of budget we have to work with.

After the site inspection, we can provide a realistic estimate of costs to complete the project. If the estimate exceeds your preferred budget, our team will provide solutions and alternatives to ensure you receive the desired result.

During our initial consultation, we want to know your design goals. Think “must-have” ticket items, what services you think you’ll need and the size of the budget we have to work with. We also recommend bringing photos, drawings and other inspiration you’ve collected over time. This will help us during the design process.

Absolutely. We take on projects of all sizes, whether residential, commercial or industrial. We can provide drafting services for small deck extensions, large homes, units, duplexes and commercial projects — whatever the challenge, our team will handle the entire design and planning process from start to finish.

Yes. We have completed various heritage projects in Sydney where alterations and approvals were complex. We can always find a solution that preserves the property's historical value.

Yes. Our building and design experts are qualified and experienced in residential, commercial, industrial and town planning projects.

In 2021, the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) approved us as an Accredited Open Building Designer. This is the highest level of qualifying accreditation and approves our firm to practice the design and documentation of all classes and types of buildings defined by the National Construction Code series/Building Code of Australia classifications. Additionally, low-rise and medium-rise constructions.

Contact our professional building designers in Sydney for a free estimate

No matter where you are in the building process, Sorensen Design & Planning is committed to making the experience simple and stress-free.

We take on a certain number of clients to ensure we can give your project the attention it deserves. Contact us for a free quote and consultation — our team will complete an in-depth site inspection and provide a realistic estimate for the project at hand.

Alternatively, contact us for more information about our services. We can provide expert recommendations and advice to ensure you achieve your design and construction goals in Sydney.

Benefits of designing your home with Sorensen Design

  • Multifaceted Building Design
  • Affordable Options
  • 3D Photo Montage Function
  • Multiple Locations
  • Trustworthy & Dedicated Specialists
  • Onsite Inspections
  • Custom Designs
  • Award-Winning Team
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