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NSW Government Fair Trading - Class 2 Accredited!

NSW Government Fair Trading - Class 2 Accredited!

Jul 27, 2022

Sorensen Design & Planning is proud to announce that we are now Class 2, 3 and 9c Accredited under the NSW Design and Building Practitioner Act. After thorough assessment and audit, assessing our experience, expertise, qualification and consideration of over 20 years in practice, we have been approved by NSW Government Fair Trading under the Class 2 (Medium Rise) registration that we are legally approved to Design Class 2 Buildings.

What are Class 2 Buildings in NSW?

Class 2 Buildings are multi living occupied buildings, where occupants live above and below each other. Multi-unit, multi-level buildings and dual occupancy's fall into this category.

The residential building industry reform commenced a crack-down on such building practitioners to restore consumer confidence and ensure correct certification in classified multi-level dwellings and apartments, ensuring such structures are being designed and built correctly.

With this additional accreditation, Sorensen Design and Planning obtains, trust in our practice is continued for our existing and future clients, ensuring trustworthy certified unique building design.

You can read about working on regulated buildings here:


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